Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome to Farming in the Garden City

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by our blog.

Join us on our journey while we learn all things farming, nurturing and living a magical life of creation.Our goal in this life is simple - be happy, content and make do with whatever we get while striving for abundance and perfection. We are working to ensure we leave a joyful legacy behind for our future generations while making as little positive difference as we can to the society we live in. We practice it in small measures and we are happy if we can keep that up :)

Farming, Growing Food, Amazing at the cycle of life, Living our passion - Call it what you will but this is where our hearts are today and we are happy to follow. We practice farming at two places - at the tiny 1000 Sq Ft plot we have leased at a Community Garden in the outskirts of the city and the 3 little balconies in the apartment where we live. We are never satisfied with what we have at both these places - we just keep adding plants and sowing seeds every weekend and yet we don't think they are green enough!

The methods we follow predominantly are based on Permaculture (as that's what closely resonates with us) while incorporating a bit of organized design. We are trying to keep away from any conventional methods including mono-cropping though we may still plant like species on the same bed. We are thinking hugelkulture, raised beds, biofarming, feeding the soil, etc, etc. We spend a few minutes every week sitting next to our pots fascinated by the micro-forests that are in the making while I (VJ) pretend to channel some Reiki for their well-being and RR scans for pests. We mostly let them live except when we grow too attached to a plant and we feel they are suffering in any way from the critters - then comes our astras - a concoction of all the things we can get our hands at!

In the months to come, we hope to document our experiences and share our many joys and sorrows with you all - not just with farming & gardening but also of the sustainable life that goes along. We will probably fail many times but we just don't recognize them as failures :) We keep moving on.

So, stay connected with us and let us grow those beanstalks together to reach for the skies!


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