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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Shine your Copper and Brass naturally! (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

With all the sudden interest in Copper Water Bottles and Tumblers, your cleaning schedule sure would have increased! Want a way to clean Copper without too much elbow grease? Just make a paste of Citrus Bio Enzyme (or fresh Lemon Juice) and Salt (equal quantities), apply all over the Copper or Brass surface (use a Tamarind piece to apply if you can). Let stay for a minute or more, scrub lightly and wash well with clear water. Wonder at the shine! Do ensure the insides are cleaned well off the citrus remains  – don’t want accidental copper poisoning now, do we?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Brighten your Whites (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

Who doesn’t love bright white clothes/uniforms? But don’t know any way to “whiten them” without chemical bleach? Well, there is hope! Just add two spoons of Lemon Juice (or Citrus Bio Enzyme) along with your laundry and wash them as usual. If you have a hot water option, use that. Watch your whites get transformed chemical-free! And if you have been using Soapnuts to wash and have a weird feeling they are ‘discoloring’ your clothes, be sure to try this out and let me know the results J But do this after the wash for the rinse cycle. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fix your smelly shoes! (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

Your shoes are smelling and you don’t have time to wash them? Just spray a whiff or two of Bio Enzyme on the insides and let dry. Don’t make it too wet or soak – just a mild spray. Check after it dries and repeat after a few days if the smell still lingers. Alternatively, you can keep an unused Tea Bag inside the shoes overnight and remove before use next day! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

You don't need a specific product for Glass/Mirror Cleaner! (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

Why waste money in buying a chemical based glass/mirror cleaner when just Bio Enzyme (or Vinegar) diluted 1:1 with water can help make your window panes, glasses and mirrors squeaky clean? Just spray, wipe with a wet cloth, and dry with a waste paper – they will be as good as new!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Stop using Incense Sticks (Agarbathis/Dhoops) filled with chemicals (A tip a day for Chemical-free Homes)

For centuries together, humans have been burning aromatic plant/tree materials as part of their tribal/religious rituals. The reasons are many but some of the main ones include smudging the environment to remove negative energies, purify the surroundings and give us a calm sense of mind.

But most commercial products today (incense sticks, agarbathis, dhoop) use inferior materials such as motor oil, melted tyres, harmful synthetic fragrances, chemical-based glues and resins. Even as they give out a nice smell when burnt, their smoke can be very harmful to our health. Ranging from mild headaches to full-blown respiratory allergies, these can even become highly dangerous over continued exposure. Why take the risk? 

Of course, the traditional way is to burn dry coconut shells/charcoal and put pure sambrani (Frankincense/Gum Benzoin) to smolder. That can, however, be time-consuming and charcoal fumes may not too great for health either. The completely smokeless alternate is to simply light up an oil lamp or buy an Essential oil diffuser, add a few drops of your favorite Essential oil and soak in the natural smells.  Or you can make your own incense cones.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Make your own Chemical-free Handwash (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

The chemicals and fragrance in handwash and hand sanitizers aren’t as great as they are made out to be. Along with being toxic when let out into water bodies, they can also compromise your natural immunity and mess with your hormones over a period of time. Plus, they can be flammable! 

When making your own handwash can be as easy as ABC, why not make your own chemical-free handwash that can also help decrease the plastic packaging that commercial products come with?

If you are making without Essential Oils or Bio Enzyme, you will need to use it up within a few days (or Refrigerate) as the Soapnut liquid may start fermenting as will any natural liquid. If you do use Essential Oil or Bio Enzyme, they will act as a natural preservative and will help keep the liquid usable longer. If you use Gaur Gum to thicken, you will first need to mix with an equal quantity of oil (Coconut oil is good), and then add to the Soapnut liquid and mix well. 

Know a better recipe for all natural handwash? Do share in the comments. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Clean bathrooms effortlessly (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

In spite of realizing the magic of Bio Enzymes, bathroom cleaning is still one area where Bio Enzyme seems to fail many people.

Here's how to use Bio Enzyme for the bathroom with as less elbow grease as possible and still have a sparkling, clean bathroom at the end of it. It will also help repel cockroaches and other insects, and act as an odour eliminator.

Post the cleaning, if there are any lingering smells of the Bio Enzyme, don't worry - it will dissipate within a day or two.

Have any other related tip for cleaning bathrooms naturally? Do feel free to comment.

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