Monday, July 23, 2018

Taking care of your shining glory!

Contrary to what you might think, not all packaged hair oils are without chemicals. In fact, some of the most well-known brands of Coconut oil are either adultered by spurious agents in between or manufactured itself with mineral oil additives for various reasons. Just as you would hesitate to apply petroleum-based products on your head, so you should think twice before you use any commercially packaged product. As they say, the best way to assure yourself of quality ingredients and synthetic or toxic chemical-free components is to make the product yourself.

In the case of hair oil especially, we have a rich repository of traditional recipes that have been tried and tested for decades by our grandmas and moms. So, why not turn to it and make the oil yourself instead of relying on another person?

Here's a list of ingredients you can use in any combination you desire to make your own hair oil to control hair fall, increase hair growth, and generally promote good hair health.

Base oils:
1. Pure, cold pressed Coconut Oil (about 50-60%)
2. Pure, cold pressed Sesame Oil (about 20-30%)
3. Pure, cold pressed Castor oil (about 20-30%)

Always make sure the oils you use are edible, cold pressed and freshly prepared.

Additional oils (about 10-15%):
1. Bringaraj oil (only if you can totally trust the source; else skip the oil and use the fresh/dried herb)
2. Amla oil (same as above)
3. Neem oil (same as above)

Other ingredients (as per availability, use upto 100-200 gms each for 1-2 litres total oil composition): 
1. Dried/fresh Curry leaves
2. Dried/fresh Bringaraj leaves (if not using the oil)
3. Dried/fresh broken Amla pieces (if not using the oil)
4. Dried/fresh Hibiscus leaves and flowers (try to use only the native red variety and not the hybrids)
5. Dried/fresh Brahmi leaves
6. Dried/fresh Tulsi leaves
7. Sprouted/soaked methi seeds
8. Kalonji seeds
9. Licorice (powder or roots)
10. Alkanet (powder or roots)
11. Jatamansi (powder or roots)
12.Small, sambar onions
13. Garlic
14. Coffee beans

How to prepare the oil:

1. First, combine all the dry ingredients and grind into a paste with minimal water
2. Mix the oils and add the above paste as an infusion
3. Either, leave under the sun for a week during summer in a transparent container (preferably glass) OR heat up the mixture over low heat for 15 – 20 minutes. Switch off and let soak overnight.
4. Next day, strain and filter in a muslin cloth and separate out the oil. Warm it up a bit to ensure no moisture is retained.  Keep under the sun if possible for a few days.
5. You can use the leftover herb paste as hair pack if you can tolerate the smell and dry, falling particles. If you do use as a hair pack, ensure to wrap your hair with a towel and soak not more than 1 - 2 hours.

Know any other ingredients that are good to be combined into the above recipe? Happy to hear from you in the comments.


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