Monday, June 25, 2018

Make your own Chemical-free Handwash (A tip a day for Chemical-free homes)

The chemicals and fragrance in handwash and hand sanitizers aren’t as great as they are made out to be. Along with being toxic when let out into water bodies, they can also compromise your natural immunity and mess with your hormones over a period of time. Plus, they can be flammable! 

When making your own handwash can be as easy as ABC, why not make your own chemical-free handwash that can also help decrease the plastic packaging that commercial products come with?

If you are making without Essential Oils or Bio Enzyme, you will need to use it up within a few days (or Refrigerate) as the Soapnut liquid may start fermenting as will any natural liquid. If you do use Essential Oil or Bio Enzyme, they will act as a natural preservative and will help keep the liquid usable longer. If you use Gaur Gum to thicken, you will first need to mix with an equal quantity of oil (Coconut oil is good), and then add to the Soapnut liquid and mix well. 

Know a better recipe for all natural handwash? Do share in the comments. 


  1. Hello, thanks so much for the formulation. I have a question for you, how long can I keep the liquid if adding 5% Bio Enzyme? Thanks so much

    1. Hi, you can keep it upto 6 months (but keep an eye on it for sour smell). You can longer too but am suggesting 6 months as its handwash.

    2. One more question, the highest concentration of Bio Enzyme the we can add to the liquid? and the more concentration of Bio Enzyme added, the more time that we can keep the hand-wash liquid? Thanks


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