Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Stop using Incense Sticks (Agarbathis/Dhoops) filled with chemicals (A tip a day for Chemical-free Homes)

For centuries together, humans have been burning aromatic plant/tree materials as part of their tribal/religious rituals. The reasons are many but some of the main ones include smudging the environment to remove negative energies, purify the surroundings and give us a calm sense of mind.

But most commercial products today (incense sticks, agarbathis, dhoop) use inferior materials such as motor oil, melted tyres, harmful synthetic fragrances, chemical-based glues and resins. Even as they give out a nice smell when burnt, their smoke can be very harmful to our health. Ranging from mild headaches to full-blown respiratory allergies, these can even become highly dangerous over continued exposure. Why take the risk? 

Of course, the traditional way is to burn dry coconut shells/charcoal and put pure sambrani (Frankincense/Gum Benzoin) to smolder. That can, however, be time-consuming and charcoal fumes may not too great for health either. The completely smokeless alternate is to simply light up an oil lamp or buy an Essential oil diffuser, add a few drops of your favorite Essential oil and soak in the natural smells.  Or you can make your own incense cones.


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