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Making Soapnut Liquid (Cook and No cook method)

Here's how you can prepare the All Purpose Cleaner aka Soapnut Liquid

The various uses of this All Purpose Cleaner (!!) are:
  • All Purpose Cleaning (If you can imagine it, you can clean it!!)
  • Laundry 
  • Floor Cleaning (without Bio Enzyme, especially for Marble, Cuddapah and other such surfaces)
  • Hand wash
  • Fumigation/Pest repellent

There are three ways again in which you can prepare Soapnut Liquid.
  1. Method 1: Cook with Water 
  2. Method 2: Steep in hot water and let soak overnight 
  3. Method 3: Soak in water and Bio Enzyme and let soak for 5-7 days
The last method is by far the easiest and will give you a long shelf life.

Let's look at each of these methods in detail:

Method 1:
  1. Take about 1 cup of Soapnuts (with or without seeds). Soak it in 3 -4 cups of water for 30 minutes.
  2. Cook them for 15-30 minutes till the water turns completely dark and the Soapnuts release all their surfactants.
  3. After the solution cools down, smash the Soapnuts in hand and ensure all the juices are extracted.
  4. Let it sit overnight (with the Soapnuts)
  5. Next day morning, filter out all the solids. The resulting liquid is your All purpose cleaner.
  6. You will need to use it up in 3-5 days. Or simply refrigerate it and use it as and when you need it. You may also prepare a large batch and freeze it.
  7. For about 6 kgs of laundry, you will need 100-150 ml of Soapnut liquid.

Method 2:
  1. Take about 1 cup of Soapnuts (without seeds)
  2. Soak it in 3 -4 cups of HOT WATER.
  3. Close and let sit overnight.
  4. Next day morning, filter out all the solids. The resulting liquid is your All purpose cleaner.
  5. You will need to use it up in 3-5 days or refrigerate.
Method 3 (No cook):

  1. Take about 1 cup of Soapnuts (with or without seeds)
  2. Soak it in 2 cups of water + 2 cups of Bio Enzyme. Ensure the entire Soapnut batch is completely covered by the liquids.
  3. Let sit for 5 – 7 days.
  4. On 7th day, squash all the Soapnuts well such that the seeds almost come out. If possible, you may remove the seeds.
  5. Let sit overnight.
  6. Next day, filter out the liquid. You will get three layers
  7. Layer  1 – Clear Soapnut liquid meant for Laundry and All purpose cleaning spray
  8. Layer 2 – Thick Soapnut liquid meant for shampoo (if using for Shampoo, reduce amount of Bio Enzyme to half a cup while soaking) and vessel, chimney and toilet cleaning.
  9. Layer 3 – The leftover fruits, seeds, and pulp. You can remove the seeds and simply pulse in a mixie. You will get the Soapnut paste. Use as you would the Soapnut paste. Alternatively,
    retain the soaked up Soapnuts in another 2-3 cups of water + bio enzyme mix and use in a sock for washing laundry. 
  10. This will stay for a long, long time – the Bio Enzyme will act as a preservative. So the Soapnut liquid need not be refrigerated – you should however try to store in dark color bottle or in a dark place. 
  11. This also serves as a Fumigation solution (along with Neem oil) for repelling Mosquioes, houseflies, etc.


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