Monday, January 8, 2018

Sowing the seeds of one and being content with the harvest you get - Literally as well as Figuratively

I have always been a huge fan of letting my garden grow wild. While I do sow seeds sometimes (barring the first two years when I did pay attention to sowing seeds religiously), nowadays most plants in my balcony grow on their own - either through self-seeding as in the case of Greens, Tomatoes and others or through Compost as in the case of Lemons, Greens, and few others or from seeds that were leftover from a sowing spree long back.

These days, it only looks like I have to think of having a certain plant growing in my garden and making a mental To do list to take out the seeds and sow...and what do you know, it's already there in my garden growing from the compost/previous batch. Such synchronicity does not amaze me anymore for I am slowly coming to accept the magic of Nature. For those that are ready to take such things as the new normal and for those that believe talking to plants is as normal as to talking to your friends, a world of wonder sure awaits eagerly.

In a beautiful explanation that talks about something similar (albeit with a meaning that is much much more deeper), the following verses from Tirumantiram have captured my heart.

By sowing the seed of brinjal, the balsam-pear sprouted 

I dug at the dust, the pumpkin flowered 

The gardeners ran away by worshipping

The plantain became a fully-ripened fruit

-Tirumantiram: 2869

A quick garden tour to let you know what I mean:

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  1. Wow was curious to see your garden felt very light and got many ideas you are really a great person by heart and as a whole. Thanks again for the beautiful tour. La tour de ma gardin. Merci beaucoup ma Cherie


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