Saturday, April 4, 2015

A few videos that you must watch

Establishing Forest Gardens or Forests:

Obviously, food is the most important thing for our living. How do we ensure that there is a continous supply of it? How do we ensure there is an abundance of it for us and everyone around us? How do we prevent wars and famines that are going to come in the future over food and water? Permaculture provides a way - more specifically, going back to nature, letting the forests re-establish themselves and stopping the mindless destruction of the environment that we are doing now will provide the answer. The following Webinar/Video by Dwarakanath and Sai is an amazing overview of exactly this - how to establish Food Forests, what are food forests, and why do we need them. Do watch.

Permanent & Sustainable Cultivation aka Permaculture (as practiced by Dr. Nammalvar):

Dr. Nammalvar was an agriculturist and an activist from the Tanjavulr district of Tamilnadu. He pioneered sustainable farming and permaculture in Tamil Nadu and fought against the evils bought in by commercial farming and the ill effects of the Green Revolution. In this short film by Vinodh Baluchmay, Nammalvar shares his thoughts on the Indian farming scene, the importance of setting up food forests and working with nature vis a vis working against nature. I came to know about Nammalvar a few years back when my interest in farming for re-kindled and had really wanted to meet him and attend the Permaculture course run by at this organic farm Vanagam - unfortunately, that was not to be. He died in December 2013 - this will be one of the regrets of my life.

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