Friday, December 16, 2016

My Balcony Garden

My South-west balcony gets Sun only six months of the year - the other months, the sun seem to be more overheads so the buildings around block it from reaching the balcony. So the story of my garden is one of real ups and downs every six months like clock work! July to Feb, its all green, beautiful and glorious. The next six months (when the Sun actually shines in Bangalore!!), it's lifeless and lame. Oh, well, one cannot have it all, all the time, right? Let's be thankful for small mercies. Right now, my garden is in it's glorious state. Here, take a look :)

My Red Malabar Spinach says hi :)

The passion fruit desperately trying to find something to twine around - many a times, it even tries to hold on to my hair - urgh!

My beautiful volunteer plant - Blacknight shade aka Manathakali

Passion Fruit again

Do not know the name but I am in love!

My guests - the mighty Spider Mites!

This one seems to be thriving well in shade!

Indicative of my typical container - I never have just one plant per pot or even one type of plant in one pot. It's all a medley all the time - either I plant it or they come up on their own. Just take a guess about the plants you see here! I can at least spot a Marigold, Wild Ginger, Malabar Spinach, Wild Honagone (not sure what's that in English), Amaranthus - and some weeds (i.e. I do not know the name!)

Long Pepper!

There, my lovely spot!


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