Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fermented Fruit Juice

One of the easiest way to manure your plants is to feed them with some fermented fruit juice! The name does sound a little suspicious and might make one think if that 'juice' can be consumed by humans as well! Ha, ha, ha, not really. Don't risk it is all I will say! Okay, now getting on to the actual procedure of making the fermented fruit juice...

What do you need:

1. Peels from fruits such as Banana, Apple, Papaya and Other fruits (If you can, try to avoid too much of citrus peels such as Lemon and Orange though of course they can be used as well if combined in small proportions with the others). It can also be a 'single-origin' FFJ i.e. just banana peels or just papaya peels, etc.
2. Squashed or spoilt whole fruits
3. Jaggery or Brown Sugar - Equal to the amount of Peels/Fruits to be used
4. A cotton cloth or paper and string to tie it
5. A container to hold your juice

How do you make it:

1. Take your peels or fruits and shred them to small pieces
2. Combine the Jaggery thoroughly with the peels
3. Transfer to the container
4. Close the container properly with the cotton cloth/string or Newspaper/string - this is to ensure no flies enters your container. The Fermenting process is highly attractive to flies and will attract them by the droves. So ensure you close the container tightly. Otherwise, those sneaky guys are going to get in, do their acts, lay their eggs and lo, when you open the container after a few days, lot of wriggling little ones will greet you and welcome you with wide arms (don't think they have arms though :P). At the same time, don't close it with a plastic or some other lid which wont let air in at all. The fermentation process does need oxygen and will release some gases as well.
5. Keep it closed and in a dark place (like under the sink but don't forget that you kept it there!)
6. The mixture will be ready to use in 10-15 days

How do you use it:

1. Take about 1 spoon (roughly 1 ml) of the concentrated fermented fruit juice, dilute in 1 litre of water (in that ratio)
2. Spray your plants and water the roots with this

What will it help in:

The fermented fruit juice will assist in the supply of micro nutrients and also intensify the flowering and fruiting of your plants (especially if you use Banana peels).


  1. How frequently should we use FFJ on plants? Or say how much frequency can be bad?

    1. You can use once in a month or once in two weeks, also take care not to put to young plants and trigger them to set fruit early. Alternate with other nutrients including a simple fruit/veggie peel infusion every day (i.e. just soak peels in water for 24 hours (along with rice/dal washed water) and filter and use that water for watering the plants), jeevamrutha/simple cow dung slurry, diluter buttermilk, etc

  2. Hi Madam, thankyou for such a detailed description. On doubt Madam, how much water is required and whether jaggery in its solid form (grated / ground) should be used?

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